5 Benefits of homeschooling your kids

I decided to take some time and focus on other family related topics that will help someone out there. At this stage of 2020, some countries are on lock-down, or allowing limited  movement by citizens. Schools are closed, which means that mom, dad or grandparent are faced with the task of becoming the primary educators to their children. We've been homeschooling for over 4 years , and within this limited time I've had a lot of people expressing interest on the benefits of homeschooling . I'll blog some other time about what led us to the conclusion that homeschooling was the solution,  but for now we will focus on the pros and cons of homeschooling (with this post being dedicated to the pro s. NOTE: It is not my intention (nor my place) to convince the reader about homeschooling. I will be sharing improvements that we experienced as a family. 5 BENEFITS OF HOMESCHOOLING YOUR CHILD/KIDS    Below are some of the benefits that have led us to be staunch supporters

BBQ chicken wraps - Easy Dinner Recipes

It is almost barbecue season, and while it is all fun while doing it - the person responsible for the home's cooking tends to run out of ideas on what to have for dinner afterwards. The chicken barbecue may just be the perfect leftovers to enjoy dinner as family , the following day. BBQ chicken wraps depend on these leftovers, and they are quite yummy! You can make them for packed lunches or picnic food as well . The chicken itself can be barbecued, cooked, or roasted - but the purpose of this post is to show you what you can do with barbecue leftovers. Easy BBQ Chicken wraps recipe   This is what you need to make your BBQ chicken wraps (for one): 1/2 cup of shredded chicken (barbecued, cooked or roasted) 1 flour tortilla (10-12 inch) 1 thinly chopped small onion (red) 1 big tomato (sliced) 1/3 cup ranch dressing (or mayo - or any other creamy dressing) 2 cups of lettuce (or your preferred greens) I use yellow (white) and red onion interchangeab

Beef stir-fry with rice - Midweek dinner ideas - #curry #honey

Midweek dinners are a struggle, for both parents who work in the home, and outside the home. It does not mean that we eat junk food though, hence I'm on this path to experimenting with as many easy dinner ideas as is possible. Your food can be decent and comforting at the same time. it's definitely the case with this beef-stir fry with rice meal. I also like that the vegetables are cooked with the meat, helping get those fussy eaters to down them easily. Don't let the beef cause you anxiety - it takes much less time to cook because it is thinly sliced.  What you need for 3-4 servings:   1/2 lbs (227 grams) of beef ( sirloin cut) - thinly sliced (sukiyaki style) 1/2 cup of honey 1/2 cup soy sauce 4 spoons of curry powder 4 spoons of oil 1 tsp of black pepper 1 red onion, sliced 3 medium bell peppers (1 of each color) - sliced into strips Needless to say, you will need cooked rice to serve with this beef stir-fry and rice recipe.  If you are being car

Baked Chicken tenders - Easy Dinner Ideas

Who does not want to have easy dinner ideas at hand? I'm at home 24/7, and yet the thought of making dinner does get to me, because of unpreparedness - well, I'm deciding to be pro-active about it, and sharing this baked paprika Chicken tenders dish with you (with many more ideas to come). This chicken recipe can be accompanied by whatever main food that fits your family's eating lifestyle e.g rice, salad, or veggies. You can even sub the chicken with a plant-based food like tofu, and still be able to enjoy it. What you'll need to make this Baked Chicken tenders' recipe? To serve 3-4 people, you will need..... 1 lb (453g) chicken tenders (or breasts) - cut into thumb sized strips 1/2 cup of honey (or syrup) 1/3 cup dark soy sauce 3 tablespoons of cooking oil (preferably olive oil) 1 tablespoon of paprika 2 tablespoons of curry powder Salt and pepper to taste I love cooking everything with curry powder, but if you are not into it, you can redu

Unique Easter basket ideas for kids of various ages

I always feel a twinge of jealousy when I see families with their Easter baskets 😃. Some use it to gift friends and family members - and for some it is an act of thanksgiving as they bring them to their church to be blessed (and possibly share its contents with their fellow congregants). Well, I plan to be prepared this time around and plan mine using some nifty Easter basket ideas that I've rounded  up. You can be creative and tailor make the baskets for each person that you will be gifting - just to make it more personal. But first..let's talk about Easter baskets in general. What do you put in an Easter basket? Beautifully decorated Easter eggs in a basket Well, people have become quite creative with their Easter baskets -so there is no one thing that we can say goes in there. However, traditionally speaking, Easter baskets were filled up with foods that Christians had abstained from during the Lenten period i.e eggs, dairy, meat etc. They'd bring these

St. Patrick's day food ideas to do at home

Looking for St. Patrick's day food ideas that you can make with your kids at home? St. Patrick's day is a much loved holiday around the world, and has special significance among most Christians. Whether you celebrate this day privately or publicly, you can make some simple home foods that will bring just the right spirit in preparation for this day - especially if you celebrate it at home vs attending the parades and other local events. I have some drink and baked item that will help you add some St. Patrick's day flair to your kitchen. Simple St. Patrick's day food ideas   1. Green pancakes Green pancake for St. Patrick's Day   Go wild with the food coloring and paint your pancakes green! If you already have a favorite recipe - simply use green food coloring on it, otherwise, follow  this recipe: INGREDIENTS:       1 1/4 cups flour     1 tablespoon baking powder     1 tablespoon sugar     1/2 teaspoon salt     1 beaten egg    

10+ Easy And Free Preschool Crafts - #Spring #Summer #Winter #Easter etc.

Kids learn best through play, and  even more beneficial if that play is creativ e. As a homeschooling parent, I've learned that crafts make learning enjoyable, and are great as a bonding tool with your younger kids.  I've collected a variety of free preschool crafts to occupy and enhance learning for your little ones. They vary in themes, including seasonal and holiday themes. Popular free preschool  crafts   I've tried my best to credit the crafts to their developers - if you find one that is no properly credit, please let me know. 1. Paper plate flowers Image credit : The Resourceful Mama I always have paper plates in my cupboard (honestly, I'm not sure why). It is very easy to put them to good use, as long as your preschooler can handle their scissors and paints. This will cost you less than $5. 2. Summer sun paper plate  Source: The Inspiration Edit Celebrate the summer month s with your preschoolers by create yet another simple paper

10+ Dr Seuss Activities - #Preschoolers #Toddlers #Games

Let's have  fun with some Dr. Seuss activities for kids of all ages. Everyone is fascinated by this "wordsmith", and he is always in demand the whole year round (despite his day being in March). Activities, whether games or crafts are a perfect way to introduce children to this writer. Let them have fun, and learn in the process. Dr. Seuss Activities for kids  I hope you and your kids will have hours of creative fun these Dr. Seuss activities and games. 1. Oobleck: Science Experiment Image credit: Natural Beach Living Kids can learn some science, and play at the same time. Dr. Seuss coined a cool term for this non-Newtonian fluid. You only two ingredients for this - cornstarch and food coloring.  It is also a sensory craft, so it will be beneficial all the way. 2. Cat In The Hat Drawing  Source: Deep Space Sparkle Even non-artistic kids will enjoy drawing the Cat In The Hat. The above resource has step by step instruction, making this Dr. Seu

Thermos lunch ideas for kids

Thermos lunch ideas for kids - whether for school, traveling, or home - it is nice when kids can enjoy their favorite foods without it going cold or hot. Before we home-schooled, I'd get bored myself trying to create exciting lunches for my children, but the sandwiches were the most practical school lunches I could conjure up.  Everything else seemed inappropriate or inconvenient to carry to school. Fortunately, with the right thermos for your kid, you can pack almost any meal for lunch. A thermos is also a lifesaver if your child is on a special diet - they won't be restricted to sandwiches and cold chicken nuggets anymore. I've come to learn that thermos school lunches are now popular, so I made a note of thermos lunch ideas for kids so that you can get started. ===============>Find your favorite school lunch thermos here .  As exciting as the concept of thermos school lunches is, be diligent when buying a thermos and ensure that it is leak-proof