Homemade vegan ice cream - #Easy #DairyFree

During our meat-free days , we have to train our palates to appreciate natural, and animal-free foods. Desserts tend to be everyone's downfall. We have a saying in my house, "It is never the meat, it's always the cheese 😄."  Appetite for dairy products is always my main challenge during our fasting periods. We are learning to replace these foods with plant-based, or vegan options for days when we are entertaining OR Sunday lunches. My favorite is the homemade vegan ice cream (without using an ice cream maker) .  It uses 3 ingredients only, and it never disappoints. ======>Find some nifty ice cream makers here Homemade vegan ice cream recipe - getting started To make this homemade vegan ice cream, you need 3 ingredients only i.e Frozen strawberries - clean and slice them (don't forget to remove the green leaflets before putting in the freezer).  I made a mistake of not paying attention to this detail.  I froze them immediately after clea

Raspberry Lemon Loaf - #NationalDessertMonth #Quick

 I'm into making my own desserts from scratch these days,  it made sense that I also weigh in into the #NationaDessertMonth challenge. There is something about homemade, and especially baked desserts. The tension between the warmth, moisture, and the sweetness, all rolled in one as you chew is just divine. I'm also into intermittent fasting and weight training these days, so yeah - I work hard to enjoy these delicacies 😀 You can enjoy this Raspberry lemon loaf with tea, yogurt, or even a hot bowl of custard. It is a versatile baked goodie! Baking with raspberries Baking with raspberries, or any fruits adds flavor, moisture and nutritional benefits. I seem to add fruit in everything that I bake these days. Last time I baked a fruit cake dessert that had peaches and strawberries! Although this recipe uses fresh berries, you can freely use frozen raspberries as well. Lemon glaze This loaf cake recipe is also accompanied by an optional me on glaze recipe (please do make use it o

Homemade fruit cake dessert - #NationalDessertMonth

I'll be honest - I much prefer baking over cooking (although being at home 24/7 is changing all of that). We kind of have standing tradition of making our own desserts from scratch for our Sunday lunches. That's what made me to bake this fruit cake dessert last Sunday. My first attempt at it was actually last Christmas, and we were sold from then on. I've never made my own traditional fruit cake, something about it intimidates me - so this could be my stepping stone to that goal. This humble dessert's taste is heavenly! Moist fruit cake dice cream dessert served with ice cream!  This recipe was been featured on #Cookblogshare What you need to make this fruit cake dessert Butter or margarine - I opted for margarine because of some issues I have with excessive use of dairy products. The buttery texture was not lost at all. Sugar (brown or white) Extra large eggs Self raising flour - If you prefer  All Purpose Flour, add one teaspoon of baking powder for each cup of flou

Hawaiian grilled cheese with ham sandwich

My kids can have grilled cheese sandwiches the whole day long, but it can get boring quickly if I don't try to "spice them up". That's what made me to want to try out this Hawaiian grilled cheese with ham and pineapple. I'm tempted to say that the pineapple is optional (lol) , but it's just too good to leave out of the recipe. What you need for the recipe... Half a baguette cut lengthwise ( OR any bread roll or slices) 2/3 to 1 cup of your favorite cheese (grated - in this recipe we use mozzarella and mild cheddar mix) 4 ounces (113g) of ham, chopped into strips One medium sized red onion, cut into rings Half a cup of pineapple chunks How to make grilled cheese with ham (and pineapple) Make sure to gather all your ingredients upfront, for faster cooking. The baguette can be substituted with regular bread rolls or Hawaiian bread. I just love the crunchy texture of the baguette. Ingredients for the grilled cheese with ham and pineapple Fry the ham using its o

Instant Pot Vegetable Soup - #Vegan #LowCalorie #Quick

Vegetable soup made with Instant Pot As the months start to get cooler, I find myself craving comfort foods. Fortunately, recipes like this Instant Pot vegetable soup make it easy to indulge without eating unhealthy foods and snacks. It is hearty, and can also be great for people who are recovering from colds and other illnesses. Investing in a pressure cooker is becoming a necessity for anyone who spends considerable time in the kitchen. The soups come out divine, with no risk of over-cooking or burning.  Back to our vegetable soup... Feel free to play around with the recipe (using the vegetables that you have at hand). The soup is suitable for everyone (including plant-based).  How do you make vegetable soup from scratch? Follow this step by step recipe for a quick guide to making your own vegetable from scratch. Do not stress if you do not have the exact same vegetables e.g feel free to substitute the red potatoes with white potatoes and enjoy your soup: Instant Pot Vegetable

10+ Best Ninja Foodi Recipes to get you started

Are you looking for the best Ninja Foodi recipes to get you started? Like most cooking appliances, your Ninja Foodi will probably come with some recipes - but it is also nice to see what other people are whipping up with theirs.  It's also possible that you landed here because you are considering purchasing a Ninja Foodi for yourself , but also curious as to what makes it special, and what delicious meals  you can make with it.  I am that kind of person who needs to make sure that an appliance will actually be useful to me (by making my kitchen life a lot easier). =========>Find more about the Foodi Ninja here Is the Ninja Foodi worth it? It is worth the price, if you will be using it to its fullest potential. Ninja Foodi technology provides you with a pressure cooker, air-fryer, broiler etc, all in one. It becomes handy if you want to make dishes like the buffalo chicken wings . When made from an Instant Pot , you'll need to transfer them to an oven to broil. It's

12+ Healthy baking recipes - ideas

Health goals shouldn't mean that you are deprived. For some of us, a feeling of deprivation is all it takes to sabotage our goals. Any diet is do-able when you are not being miserable. You should still be able to enjoy some desserts or baked goodies on special days with friends and families. Make one of these healthy baking recipes and bring them with you to a social gathering, or enjoy at home with family. You may also find these healthy baking mixes useful when you need to stay on goal while enjoying the occasional baked goodies! Of pay attention to the servings sizes. See anything you like? Feel free to pin or share with friends (or to bookmark this list of healthy baking recipes). Enjoy

10 Healthy breakfast ideas that are easy to make

Breakfast routine can be monotonous when you are trying to keep it healthy. Mornings are also very busy in most families and the last thing in your mind is figuring out what's for breakfast - luckily for me, I love making lists so I went and sourced these healthy breakfast ideas to make my life easier. It's a combination of different diets (from keto to low-calorie). Let's get started....... 10 + Healthy Breakfast Ideas Feel free to pin or share!