Santa Mason Jars - Christmas painted Mason jars

October 23, 2018

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Santa Mason Jars

I don't know anyone who does not love Mason Jars.  I got very late into the craze, and I must say that it is a beautiful and handy household item to have around the house.  I've designed 2 of them in my Zazzle store, and I would love to share them with you:

This is perfect if you want something minimal. Santa Claus is a naturally cute design, so I decided not to clutter this particular Mason Jar design with much. The beauty of it is that you can edit the model and include text - if that is what you have in mind.  This Santa Mason Jar design is available in 2 sizes (click on image for more information).

Christmas painted Mason Jars - With Santa And Reindeer.

This is one of my favorite Christmas painted Mason jars, with Santa Claus and Reindeer holding a message board. The message is editable so that it can resonate with you.

We all love our Mason jars - but be careful when using hot liquids on them. Hot chocolate at drinking temperature should be fine, but putting it in an oven may shatter the glass.

I'm dying to know the most creative things you've done with your Mason Jar.  Feel free to comment below or share on social media.

Merry Christmas!