Christmas kitchen decorations and accents

November 28, 2018

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Christmas kitchen decorations are simple, with no need to overhaul your kitchen just for the holidays.  A few leftover decor items or cheap accents can bring the Christmas spirit into your home.  Most families (mine included) tend to spend more time in the kitchen during the Christmas season.

With most families coming together at this time - you find yourself cooking more (and enjoying it).  It makes sense then that one searches for Christmas kitchen decor to create good family memories.

Best Christmas kitchen decorations

These are mainly accents that you can buy off the shelf and decorate your kitchen with, during this joyful season.  Even the tiniest of these will make a difference.

Snowman kitchen appliance covers

These can be used for 2-door refrigerators. If your fridge is the one-door type, one cover can go to your microwave handle. The cool part is that they come with a countdown calendar.

Window Decals

Aren't these just lovely? As much as we all dream of a "white" Christmas, we don't exactly want snow on our windows. For some of us, geography is against us (no snow for Christmas) - so these snowflake decals can add the right ambiance in our kitchens.  They can be used in any room in the house, so I chose to add them to this Christmas kitchen decorations' list.

Window Curtain With Christmas Decorations

I love this curtain set with snowman figures scattered over it. The cool thing is that they are simple winter curtains so you can leave them up until February.

Whimsical "Santa Claus" Salt & Pepper Display Stand

Hide your salt and pepper display stand and take out this Santa figurine instead. It's the little things that serve as Christmas kitchen decorations.  You do not want your kitchen cluttered and difficult to navigate because of the decor.

Amazon stocks a variety of Christmas kitchen decor accents:

DIY Christmas kitchen decor

christmas kitchen decorations

People create some nice Christmas kitchen decorations as well. I like the ideas of hanging wreaths in the kitchen. I'd take the advent wreaths and turn them into Christmas decor for the kitchen!
It is quite creative what this house owner did with the Christmas lights and reindeer figurines, on top of the cupboards.

I love what this red head has done with her built-in hutch (that is what she calls herself).  

A simple Christmas display with red and white accents works just as well.  Like I said, you do not need much to bring the festive season into your kitchen.

Christmas decorative kitchen towels are also perfect for Christmas kitchen decorations.  I love especially the plaid pattern.  It is minimalist and yet effective in decorating one's kitchen for Christmas.  Hang these in a conspicuous place in your kitchen and it suddenly moves from being a dish cloth to being decorating accent.

Enjoy the holidays!