Christmas table centerpiece ideas

November 26, 2018

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Christmas table centerpiece ideas - it can be frustrating to have well laid out entertainment plans being slowed down by table decorations i.e not having a clue what centerpieces to use. A centerpiece can make or break the layout of a table.

**This post may contain affiliate links**

There are a number of considerations that go into choosing one.   It must not be too tall or short. You do not want it to take up most of the tablespace.  Imagine all that Christmas food being crammed into a small space, or the guests/family not being able to converse comfortably across the table.

My favorite Christmas table centerpiece ideas

I've selected some of the highly reviewed and loved Christmas table centerpiece ideas.  The variety spans from candles to flower arrangements.  Any item can become Christmas decor when used correctly. These will provide some instant Christmas table decor!

Christmas candle centerpieces

Table Centerpiece: Thomas Kinkade Warm Glow Of Christmas Table Centerpiece by The Bradford ExchangeTable Centerpiece: Thomas Kinkade Warm Glow Of Christmas Table Centerpiece by The Bradford ExchangeTable Centerpiece: Thomas Kinkade Warm Glow Of Christmas Table Centerpiece by The Bradford Exchange
If you love Christmas candle centerpieces, then you will not be able to resist this flameless candle.

It has the welcoming sight of an old Holiday season.

I'm also drawn in by the traditional candle design (look at the candle holder - it reminds me of my gran's candles).

The quaint, snowy town also invokes some nostalgia.

Once you flip the switch, the seemingly sleeping town lights up, and some nice Christmas music starts playing.

Shake the candle and gleaming glitter will flourish, remaining so for hours on end.

I'd use this as more than just a table centerpiece.
it would be a good Christmas decorating item as well.

More Christmas candle centerpieces

There are Christmas table centerpiece ideas that use candles but are more basic than the one above.  In fact, a Christmas wreath and some votive candles can give you just what you need to whip up a simple table centerpiece for Christmas.

Use a mini Christmas tree as a Christmas table centerpiece

Lovely, isn't it? This will kill two birds with one stone if you do not have a Christmas tree already set up for your home. The tree is 16" tall so you will need to consider this when buying it.

Floral Village Christmas Table Centerpiece

This snowy village centerpiece is playful, yet imbues the table with the Christmas spirit. I can see the kids well behaved while observing the lights and the train doing their thing on this centerpiece.  This centerpiece is one of the most beautiful Christmas decorative pieces you will find.

DIY Christmas Table Centerpieces

Christmas table centerpiece ideas

  1. Country Living has some exquisite and simple Christmas table centerpiece ideas - including the Christmas tree craft
  2. I like this idea of stuffing colored pine cones inside a glass vase. You can either buy them or make your own with spray paint.
  3. A simple jug set with red berry flowers is just as good!
  4. It's amazing what one can do with a few wine glasses, a wreath and ornaments.

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