Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

November 11, 2018

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I just love me some easy Christmas crafts for kids. 

My youngest child is turning 12 very soon. Fortunately for me, she still enjoys making crafts with me. We’ve never ventured into Christmas crafts before because of the holidays’ hectic traveling. We rarely spend the holiday in our home. We plan to find a way to try some of the crafts though, even if it means we get into the Christmas season too early.

1. Snowglobe Christmas  craft kits

christmas crafts for kids

You can get this Christmas craft kit here

Craft kits are also a creative way to go about putting together some nice Christmas crafts for kids. The beauty with them is that you won’t find that you miss one item or so to complete your craft.

This Christmas craft kit is for kids who are 3 years and older to build and enjoy snowglobes. What a fun, and hassle-free Christmas craft.

For the moms, dads, and kids who do not mind going all out and start their Christmas crafts from scratch, I’ve found some easy Christmas crafts for kids. Choose your favorites and craft away!

2.  Make snow with two ingredients only

Source: Playtivities
I must say that this is just cool, especially for kids who live in the Southern Hemisphere (no snow for Christmas).

It uses two main ingredients and baking soda. The mom who tried it swears that it actually feels like real snow, and cold too. It is great for sensory play, so two birds with one stone killed (lol).

It’s advisable though to do the craft with older kids as the ingredients are not for ingesting.

It turns that you can buy fake snow too!

Find the directions here

3.  Reindeer hat craft

Source: Discover Explore Learn
 Such a simple genius!

It is perfect for us “non-crafty” moms.  The main ingredients are the construction paper, googly eyes, and pom poms. Kids would enjoy it as a prop for a Christmas party.

Find the directions here

4.  Paper roll Snowman craft

Image credit: Easy Peasy And Fun
I find these paper roll Snowmen to be quite cute❤❤.
You could hang these on the Christmas tree too. It is cool when the little ones get represented in the Christmas tree decorations.

Find the easy-peasy directions here

5.  Jeweled Christmas Tree Craft

Credit: Housing A Forest
This one takes the cake when it comes to easy Christmas crafts for kids to make. Younger kids can take a stab on this one too, and even sharpen their scissor handling skills as well as their shapes (I just couldn’t help mentioning that – I’m a homeschooling mom after all).

Get the play gemstones here, and the directions here. I hope you are loving these examples of Christmas crafts for kids. Please share, pin, or like!

Easy Christmas crafts for kids – Pin these ideas and have fun with your kids this Christmas

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