Easy Dinner Recipes For The Family

November 06, 2018
Dinner recipes for the family - When you cook almost on a daily basis, cooking can become monotonous and uninspiring. Easy dinner ideas for the family may just be the thing that mom and dad need to avoid fast foods and takeout.

For the parent who works outside the home - the last thing she/he needs is to spend the whole evening in the kitchen while missing out on time with the family.
=========>The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook: a collection of easy dinner recipes for the family

I spend most of my day homeschooling my kids, working on my blogs, and some other homemaking activities. Strangely though, cooking is never part of those activities. I tend to start stressing about the day's dinner in the late afternoon.

To make my life easier, I am on the lookout for dinner recipes for the family. I prefer the easy to cook, quick recipes. Another Youtuber mom challenged me to be more organized so that I can be able to plan my meals at least, a week in advance. Rounding up these easy dinner recipes - and purchasing similar recipe books will help me do just that. These should help me accumulate more "me time" as well. I can do with the balance.

Cookbooks with dinner recipes for the family

Cookbooks are organized, and I wouldn't need to go online to access them. They'll also come handy on the days when I'd rather have my teen son cook for us. These also include easy dinner ideas for kids

Easy dinner recipes for families

My favorite dinner recipes for the family are easy to make, mainly one-pot meals and can be adapted to healthier options. I plan to make these dishes and share with you as I go along. This is also a growing list that I intend to expand as I experiment with various dinner recipes for the family.
  1. One-pan cheesy broccoli bake from The Girl Who Ate Everything
  2. Loaded baked potato & chicken casserole from Food.com
  3. One pot garlic butter chicken from Yummy Healthy Easy
  4. Easy oven baked chicken fajitas from Tip Buzz
  5. Garlic chicken stir-fry from Dinner At The Zoo

Parmesan Baked Fish

Parmesan baked fish does not require much in terms of ingredients and takes no more than 20-30 minutes to prepare. Visit the link to try it out.  My family loves this one!

I'm definitely trying no. 1 on the above list. With kids who hate veggies, and myself being on a low carb lifestyle, I can twist this to suit everyone in the house.

I hope you will enjoy these "short-cut" delicacies :-). If you need to return to this list of dinner recipes, please do not hesitate to pin the below image.