Miniature Christmas Trees - Crafts

November 17, 2018

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Miniature Christmas Trees crafts are for the handy person who enjoys transforming various materials around them into something beautiful.

This is a one of a kind miniature Christmas tree that can be displayed in tabletops or even in the dashboard of your own car.  This is a sturdy décor and is a pocket-friendly one!  Sounds good, right?  So if you want to have a  miniature Christmas tree of your own, then let us begin crafting this cute décor!  Just thoroughly follow the steps and a beautiful masterpiece will be done.

What you need to get started with your miniature Christmas trees crafts

miniature christmas trees crafts

white glue
acrylic paints (blue, red and yellow)
a piece of yellow pipe cleaner
hot glue
a pair of scissors
red and green glitters
paint brushes
As you can see, this paper Christmas tree craft does not need much to get going.

Let's get started and create our miniature Christmas tree...

1. Fold the half of the spreadsheet crosswise until you have a thin folded sheet of newspaper.

miniature Christmas trees crafts

2.  Cut the folded sheet.  The width of this should be at least 2 to 2.5 centimeters.
3. Tightly roll the sheet.  Make sure that there are no gaps or spaces starting from the middle all the way to the outer part of the roll.
4. Hot glue the ends of the roll.  You must have at least 13 rolls for this project.
5. Paint the rolls accordingly.  This will be the sequence of the rolls per color of paint:  1 green, 3 red, 4 blue, and 5 yellow.

6. Let the paint dry for an hour.  You can also double coating if you are not yet satisfied with the end product.

7. )  Generously apply white glue on the tip or the side of the roll.
8. Dip the glued side of the roll to a bottle of glitters.  The green and the red ratio of the glittered side should be equal per colored roll.
9. Let the glitters settle on the edge of the rolls for about an hour.
10. Tightly wring a piece of a spreadsheet.  This will be the base of the Christmas tree.
11. Wrap the wrung paper on the bottle of the glitters or any object available that can accommodate the diameter of the Christmas tree’s base.  Secure each layer of the turn with hot glue.  This will make the base stiff.  Does this until you reach the desired height of the base.
12. Keep on wrapping the wrung paper until you reach the desired height of the base.
13. Paint the Christmas tree’s base with brown paint.
14. Glue two yellow rolls together.  Make sure that the glitter color of the two is contrasting.  Glue the green roll on the space in between the two yellow rolls.  The green roll will be the tip of the Christmas tree.
15. After the two yellow layers, glue the next red layer.  Take note of the glitters.  The colors of the glitters should be aligned in a diagonal fashion.  Glue the widest base of the Christmas tree which is the blue.  You should have a perfect triangle by now with an aligned color of the glitters.
16. Glue the next and last layer just below the blue one, the yellow rolls.  This will make the triangle look like a tree now.  
17. Create a small star from the yellow pipe cleaner.  Glue the star on top of the Christmas tree or the part where the green roll is located.

18. Hot glue the base of the Christmas tree to the rolls.
19. Your upcycled miniature tabletop Christmas tree is now ready for display!
The steps may seem tedious but it is easy as pie to do these miniature Christmas trees crafts. You can also add this to the easy Christmas crafts for kids if you think they can pull it off. This paper Christmas tree craft is one of the many things you can do to get yourself into the holiday spirit, as well as rewind after a long year.

Happy Holidays!