Unique and simple pumpkin carving ideas

November 05, 2018

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Simple pumpkin carving ideas will come in handy this Fall season!

I was convinced that pumpkin carving was a skill that was not on my list of expertise (I don’t have many), but as it turns out, pumpkin carving is as easy as, 1…2…3. Simply cut out the top of the pumpkin (such that you make a lid out of it), remove the pulp and seeds inside, then draw your desired design on the pumpkin’s face, and later carve the pumpkin following the pattern.

You also need the right carving tools, as well as pumpkin carving patterns (unless you are creative enough to draw yours).
There can be no Fall or Halloween without pumpkins, and learning some simple pumpkin carving ideas will add to your pumpkin designing skills!

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Pumpkin carving ideas that are simple, unique and downright creative. Enjoy the Fall season with these crafts


Grab some pumpkin carving patterns and tools first

The pumpkin carving patterns make it is easy to be creative, playing with different patterns and designs that appeal to you. Your carved pumpkins are only as good as the tool you have at your disposal.A kitchen knife may not suffice in this case, the best thing is to invest in pumpkin carving tools that will do the perfect job.

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Simple pumpkin carving ideas currently trending


I found these cool and simple pumpkin carving ideas to be inspiring. The collection includes everything from the scale of, “cool pumpkin carving ideas to downright scary pumpkin designs“. I’ve tried to the best of my abilities to attribute each idea to its original owner. I haven’t managed to successfully locate tutorials for some of the simple pumpkin carving ideas, but with a little creativity, one can easily copy the crafts.

Spend time at home with these Pumpkin Carving Ideas

  1. Sunflower inspired pumpkin carving design from Pinterest
  2. Cool owl carving from Homesthetics
  3. Cute pumpkin carving ideas from 9gag
  4. Downright scary pumpkin carving from Remove and Replace
  5. Chic painted pumpkin ideas
  6. Fairy tale inspired pumpkin carving design from Decorate your small space
  7. Creative pumpkin carving designs (inspired by the seas) from Flickr
  8. Moon and starts inspired carving from Livingly
  9. Double your pumpkin display from Ladies’ Home Journal
  10. Charlie Brown And Snoopy from Stoney Kins
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These simple pumpkin carving ideas should get your creative juices going. Wishing you and your family and happy Fall and Halloween season. Enjoy, and feel free to Pin Away!!