Cool gift ideas for moms

December 12, 2018

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If you are looking for cool gift ideas for moms, then it is your lucky day!

Getting gifts for others can be a daunting a stressful task, but it does tend to be easier for the women who gave us life and raised us. We know their needs so it could feel less thoughtful when we buy them those thingsCool gifts for moms though do make the gift giving that much more special.

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The key with mom gifts is to get something that is appreciative of their very existence, hence I started with the custom-made gifts below:

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1. Custom and cool gift ideas for moms

Depending on your mom's tastes, you can get your mom these "World Awesomest Mom" merchandise - they come in t-shirts, pillows, mugs, tote bags, and even some other home decor items.
It's nice when your kids think you are cool.  This is no different to how their granny feels, so make them feel special today and let them know that they are the best, and awesome-est mom out there.

You can find the "World Awesomest Mom" merchandise here, and the "best mom" mug here.

These are some of the most thoughtful, and cool gift ideas for moms.

2. Random Crap Box

Honestly, it is a called a "crap box", but believe me when I tell you that anything that goes into this box is useful. We all grew up with these. They were made out of used cookie-boxes. They were quite annoying because you'd expect the most delicious cookies, only to find needles, threads, and buttons.😢

3. Funny "If you can read this" 

These are cool because they are funny.  Visit the link on the image, and you will find the same socks for wine, coffee, and chocolate.  Any mom will find these fun socks to be cool and funny.  We all need the laugh sometimes.

4. Hot Flash Pillow

This hot flash pillow is quite cool - and more appropriate as a gift to someone you know well - like your own mom. The pillow relieves hot flashes, night sweats, and it is also a natural sleep aid. I'd also add this to the self-care gift ideas.

5. Sterling Silver Mom Necklace

I don't know about yours, but my mom would appreciate this sterling silver necklace. it is quite thoughtful as it is specifically designed as a gift for moms. it also comes in a gift box, so you don't have to stress about packaging it appropriately.

6.  Touch Bedside Lamp

Any mom will appreciate a nigh light, whether it is a younger or older mom.  It can be distracting to switch the house lights on during the night - be it to check on the kids, or going to the bathroom.  It becomes difficult for the body to adjust back to sleep.

7.  Great Job Mum Coffee Mug

Running out of cool gift ideas for moms - how about a funny, and yet thoughtful coffee mug like the one above? My mom is a coffee and tea drinker - so I'd remind her of a job well done every time she takes a sip.

8.  Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is a practical, yet cool gift for any mom. A busy mom with a young family will benefit from it because it cooks meals within a short space of time - and even more that one dish at a time.

9. Photo Block Collage

Take photos of your family and create a collage on a photo block. Your mom will appreciate this decorative home gift.  Zazzle is the best place to buy such a gift - just have digital copies of the photos handy, and you will be prompted to edit the order with your own images.

10.  Mom Legend Throw Pillows

I love decorative home gifts - hence this throw pillow makes it to my cool gift ideas for moms' list. This will warm up any mom's heart everytime the arrange this throw pillow. The text is editable so you'll be able to include the mom's name. Do you see anything you like in these cool gift ideas for moms? Feel free to leave a comment below, pin or share!

Cool gift ideas for moms
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