Awesome powder room ideas

June 14, 2019

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Powder rooms are as old as buildings themselves,  going as far back as the Victorian era. You may also know them as halfway baths.  Initially, powder rooms were just that, a space for allowing ladies to touch-up their makeup - but now they have become much more useful. For me, a powder room is a perfect way to maintain your home's privacy when having people over. Bathrooms are personal, so a powder room allows your passer-by visitor to take care of their business without opening up your private spaces to them.

Before I get to the powder room ideas that I find captivating, let's go through some basics first.

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What do you keep in a powder room?

Powder rooms are simple to maintain.  They need a few essential items to become functional i.e

  • A hand drying towel
  • Hand soap
  • Hand moisturizer
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue

These are just the monthly supplies and do not consider the permanent fixtures like the mirror, towel hanging rails, and the toilet itself. We'll have fun with those when attending to the power room ideas themselves.

How much room do you need for a powder room?

A powder room can be anything from 11-20 sq feet (building codes will vary by State and country).  You will also get an idea from the powder room ideas listed below.

Basic powder room decor and supplies

Nothing is as much fun as decorating and fitting a small space. The results are almost instant.  These items will help you decorate your powder room in no time.

A powder room sign and wall decor - They are useful and cute at the same time. You can get hanging signs, wall decals, or wooden signs at the door or inside the powder room. Keep the wall decor at minimum, considering that this is a small space. We wouldn't want it cluttered.

Powder room rug - these are not specific rugs.  Any bathroom rug will work. Consider the amount of foot traffic when choosing your colors and quality.

Mirror - This goes without saying.  How else are your friends going to powder themselves without a mirror? (lol).  I enjoy shopping for mirrors. A powder room mirror must be more than just a practical item. You can be creative with the size, shapes, and designs.  Among other things, mirrors add an appearance of space when there is none.

Powder room ideas to inspire you

powder room ideas

1. Whether you are constrained by space, or you want something simple - this Instagram(er)'s powder room may just be the idea that you are looking for.  It is elegant, yet simple and uncluttered.  The wallpaper creates a refreshing backdrop. You can find powder room wallpaper inspirations here.

2. This Etsy seller makes these nice wood bars that serve as powder room vanities.  I had to include it as I love its simplicity and attractiveness.  Other than that, a vase of fresh flowers brings the serene atmosphere in the powder room.

3. If you want the fun of fitting your own powder room from scratch, then this compact corner will inspire you. A few luxurious items like the powder room vanity, mirror, and sink and taps will upgrade your half bathroom in no time.

4. I love this vintage style powder room from Little Of Four. Visit their website to learn more.

5. I love the shiplap.  They are more popular in farmhouse style decor, yet it fits very well as a backdrop of this elegant half bath. Visit Home Bunch for the details.

6. I like the soft blue color that is contrasted by a Schumacher wallpaper.

7. Christene also has an inspiring, powder room reveal here (image below). I love her use of neutral colors, as well as the shiplap:

Source: Keys To Inspiration

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