Rock Painting Ideas For Kids

October 22, 2019

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These rock painting ideas for kids will keep them outdoors enough that they enjoy both the summer and Fall days. Crafts are also good for a child’s cognitive development, and not to mention that doing these with your kids presents a great bonding opportunity
It is not necessary that these come out perfect. I enjoy something as simple as spray painting the rocks with different colors. The rocks do look better though if they are perfectly shaped and smooth. This means that a rock collecting trip to the beach is in order for a family that is fortunate to be living by the coast.. Fret not if you are in-lander like me, you can buy painting rocks and also enjoy this craft with your kids.

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Rock painting craft kits


If you do not normally have painting rocks and paints in your home, then rock painting craft kits may save your life. The kits make rock painting for kids easier as they come with everything you need, including the instructions.

There can be no disappointment when using craft kits!

Rock painting ideas for kids


I have tried as much as possible to attribute some of the inspiration to the original artists. In case you identify a rock painting activity that is not properly attributed, please let me know so that I can edit the post.

Fun and easy to pull rock painting ideas for kids
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I’ve rounded up some cool and simple rock painting ideas from the internet. Visit each site for detailed instructions:
  • Under the sea from Etsy. These are ready made, but I included them for inspiration.
  • Strawberry painted rocks by Crafts By Amanda
  • Owl painted rocks – this site, Rock Painting 101, has a simple tutorial on owl painted rocks.

This is imagination at its best! Come to think of it, this is just paint and rocks. If your kids are good with drawing, they can make all sorts of beautiful stuff with their rocks.  Find the tutorial here.

10+ Fun rock painting ideas for kids - they are also great as summer activities

I hope these rock painting ideas will be fun for you and your family. Enjoy them, and don’t forget to pin!