Birthday gifts for 12 year old girls

November 14, 2019

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My daughter is turning 12 soon, and after we received a confusing birthday wish list from her – I had to dig deeper for birthday gifts for 12-year-old girls. At first, her list seems mixed up with unrelated stuff, but it turned out that we were not looking close enough. There is a common theme to her wish list. It is personal and indicating that she has unique interests. It makes sense for her age group. She is transitioning to the teen years. It makes sense that her interests start to mature a bit.

10+ Birthday Gifts For 12-Year-Old Girls


Birthday Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls - everything that a 12 year old is likely to want. Flip these and also consider them as Xmas gifts as well

Birthday Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls – May also work as Christmas stocking stuffers #BirthdayGifts
I collaborated with my daughter in putting together this list. Some of these reflect her wishes and those of her friends.


There are ample camera designs now that will suit your 12-year-old daughter, niece, or relative. Something like this HD action camera is perfect as it has all the bells and whistles that appeal to a 12-year-old. My daughter loves to create things, whether digitally or through pen and paper. A camera that can do time-lapse would be heaven-sent for her. It is also affirming to a 12-year-old to be able to capture the best moments for herself. A camera gift will also encourage her to spend less leisure time on the couch and more outdoors.

Fun makeup set (DIY)

If your 12-year-old loves crafts, she may appreciate the thought of mixing her own lip balm. These could make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas too.

Mermaid tail blankets

Girls around this age love to care for themselves, and a mini-blanket helps them do just that. The mermaid tail blankets are much cute, and more practical, in my opinion. They are suitable for all seasons. This kind of gift has sentimental value and can last well into your child’s adult life. I love the hand-knitted type for its warmth and coziness.

3D Pen Set

This gift is suitable for younger kids as well, but I bet you that a 12-year-old girl who loves crafts would create magic with it. Let them draw or write stuff they will later hold in the hands. Cool, isn’t it?

Washable metallic chalk kit

Some birthday gifts for 12-year-old girls may not suit all of them. If your daughter does not seem to want to let loose sometimes, then she may not appreciate this fun gift. An artistic kid may enjoy experimenting with her hair and appearance. She may have a fun time with her friends during parties or sleepovers, coloring each other’s hair.

12 beaded sterling necklace

The 12 beads signify her age. My daughter loves dressing up occasionally. She’d appreciate this kind of sentimental gift.


Give your 12-year-old the gift of expressing her thoughts and feelings by gifting her with this, “Letters To My Future Self” journal.
There is more to it than just journaling one’s thoughts and life. She can use it as a scrapbook too.

Jewelry box

This age group tends to collect all sorts of trinkets, jewelry, and bracelets. My daughter makes and also receives friendship bracelets, charm bracelets, has prayer beads and necklaces. They may not be expensive items, but they have sentimental value. She must have a storage place for them.

Personalized tumbler kit

Having your tumbler or drinking bottle may not seem special, but personalizing it and decorating it according to your tastes is what makes it extra special.

12th birthday t-shirts

Make the day extra special and add a t-shirt gift for your 12-year-old. Select one that suits their preferences. Who knows, they may wear it for years to come in celebration of the year that they turned 12.

I hope these ideas for birthday gifts for 12-year-old girls have triggered your creativity in helping you find the ideal present for your 12-year-old. Surprise them!

Gift guide for 12 year old girls
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  1. These are some of the best ideas for 12 year old girls birthday gifts I've seen so far thank you for this list

    1. Hi Jessica - thanks for stopping by. It helped tones that my 12 year old daughter helped me to write this post. I'm generally not good with gift giving, so I learned tons from doing this with her.


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