Thermos lunch ideas for kids

February 18, 2020

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Thermos lunch ideas for kids - whether for school, traveling, or home - it is nice when kids can enjoy their favorite foods without it going cold or hot.

Before we home-schooled, I'd get bored myself trying to create exciting lunches for my children, but the sandwiches were the most practical school lunches I could conjure up.  Everything else seemed inappropriate or inconvenient to carry to school.
Fortunately, with the right thermos for your kid, you can pack almost any meal for lunch.

A thermos is also a lifesaver if your child is on a special diet - they won't be restricted to sandwiches and cold chicken nuggets anymore.

I've come to learn that thermos school lunches are now popular, so I made a note of thermos lunch ideas for kids so that you can get started.
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 As exciting as the concept of thermos school lunches is, be diligent when buying a thermos and ensure that it is leak-proof.

Nothing spoils a child's day like leaking bottles and lunchboxes.  It is also important to note that a thermos is designed to keep warmth for approximately 5 hours (which is enough time for school lunches). You may find brands promising up to 3 times that duration, but I would take them with a grain and salt.

Thermos Lunch Ideas For Kids


Thermos lunch ideas for kids - great hacks for winter time school lunches


Mac And Cheese


I'm yet to come across a kid who does not love Mac and cheese. There is no reason why this kid delicacy cannot be loaded into their thermos so that they can enjoy their school lunch. It is simple to make, you can buy the instant kits that are "almost" ready made.  You can find the recipe here.
As far as kids are concerned, the Mac and cheese is the best thermos school lunch.

Chicken Nuggets


My daughter loves nuggets, but they are not as scrumptious when they are cold. A thermos will keep the warmer for longer, and the child will be spared of yet another sandwich lunch (lol). You need to put a paper towel at the bottom of the thermos, then place the hot chicken nuggets on it, inside the thermos. The paper towels absorb the moisture and help keep the chicken nuggets warm.
I got this idea from Eating On A Dime

Alphabet Soup


Kids love the alphabet soup, and for the cold winter afternoons at school, it can be a source of comfort for your child. It's also packed with rich nutrients and an opportunity to hide those veggies that picky eaters hate. Angela from the Coupon Project has a simple recipe for the soup.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches


As nice as pulled pork sandwiches are, they are not as appetizing when they are all soggy with cold meat. Packing the pork and the bread slices separately is a genius way to ensure that the kid will enjoy their sandwich as if it's freshly made. The pulled pork will go to the thermos, and the kid can easily put together their own sandwich at school.
Source: Kitchen Counter Chronicle



Kids love noodles, but they are not nice when cold. I always make noodles with frozen veggies just so they can be healthier. Pasta meals can easily become sticky, but you can prevent that by not draining the water soup from the noodles completely.  This organized housewife will show you how to properly pack noodles in a thermos.

Pizza rolls


Packing pizza rolls for lunch is much easier in a thermos.  Any other container will make them soggy and less appetizing.  Learn how to pack pizza rolls in a thermos here.

I hope these thermos lunch ideas for kids will get you going as you experiment with more. Feel free to comment, pin or share as well.