Unique Easter basket ideas for kids of various ages

March 13, 2020

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I always feel a twinge of jealousy when I see families with their Easter baskets😃. Some use it to gift friends and family members - and for some it is an act of thanksgiving as they bring them to their church to be blessed (and possibly share its contents with their fellow congregants). Well, I plan to be prepared this time around and plan mine using some nifty Easter basket ideas that I've rounded  up.

You can be creative and tailor make the baskets for each person that you will be gifting - just to make it more personal.

But first..let's talk about Easter baskets in general.

What do you put in an Easter basket?

Easter basket ideas for kids - teens - tweens
Beautifully decorated Easter eggs in a basket
Well, people have become quite creative with their Easter baskets -so there is no one thing that we can say goes in there. However, traditionally speaking, Easter baskets were filled up with foods that Christians had abstained from during the Lenten period i.e eggs, dairy, meat etc. They'd bring these to be blessed, and shared after the Paschal services (fun!). You'll find an infographic here, that breaks down the contents of a traditional Easter basket.

Wherever one takes the below Easter basket ideas, it'd be nice to have some traditional elements included in each basket.

Unique Easter basket ideas


I've found some clever and unique Easter basket ideas that your kids (even adults) will love. You can mix the contents and have traditional Easter elements mixed with the unique gifting items (if you want both).

Unique Easter basket ideas for kids of various ages and interests

  1. My garden Easter basket theme (toy wagon) - young kids will enjoy loading their toy wagons with Easter goodies (especially of the chocolate variety). If you are looking for ideas for its contents, visit Jaime's blog and see what she got for her boys.
  2. Chalkboard Easter basket - this is for the crafty mom and kids, and can be filled up to make a craft kit. You will need a chalk spray paint for the bucket.
  3. DIY Unicorn Basket - Bunnies meet Unicorns! This is a unique Easter basket for the little one who loves Unicorns.
  4. Woven paper baskets -  It'll be fun making these woven paper baskets, and later stocking them up with your favorite Easter foods.
  5. Science Easter basket - fill up your Easter basket with science related items. This mom got hers from the Dollar Store - so it is not pricey.
  6. Art basket - this is for the kids that love art and painting. The mom made it fun by filling it up with the painting basics.
Have fun with these innovative Easter basket ideas, and may these holidays be blessed for you and y our family. Don't forget to pin or share.