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September 25, 2020

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Hands up if you love you some pasta!  Welcome to the club. I'm done pretending - pasta is just something that is unlikely to disappear from my kitchen, hence I'm collecting these healthy pasta dishes that can help us both meet our health goals, and enjoy the pasta at the same time. 

Pasta dishes are the easiest to make, and help a lot if you still have children and teenagers at home. I also love to sneak stuff into the pasta dishes that my picky eaters wouldn't eat otherwise - e.g vegetables.

Before we move on to the actual pasta dish ideas, let's clear the tension and be truthful. The real issue with pasta is the amount that we tend to dish  up for ourselves. The key is to know how much is too much. My quick hack is to do a 60:25:10:5 ratio in my plate (60% veggies, 25% protein, 10% pasta, and 5% fat). It's not as complicated as it looks - just have way more vegetables than the pasta, per plate.

I also love this neat hack:

Healthy pasta dishes with chicken

Nothing completes and "healthifies" a dish more than chicken. It will leave your family satiated from all that protein. Here are my favorite healthy pasta dishes with chicken:

Chicken pasta salad

Source: Eat Well 101

Pesto chicken pasta salad is easy to whip up (10 minutes, give or take).  You can use your own salad dressing if you already have a favorite. What I love the most about this particular healthy pasta dish is that it can easily be converted to a plant based meal by substituting the chicken with a plant based protein (chickpeas are my favorite).

Healthier broccoli chicken casserole

Credit: Gimme Some Oven

This is a must try of the healthy pasta dishes. The key to keeping this recipe healthy lies with the sauce that you will make for your casserole. You can easily switch to low fat ingredients to lower the calorie count.

Healthy pasta dishes with shrimp

If you are looking for healthy meals to help you put your shrimp to good use, then you'll love these meal ideas:

Tomato spinach shrimp pasta

Source: Salt & Lavender

I love anything with cherry tomatoes in it. These shrimp pasta packs a load of them, and takes just under 30 minutes to prepare.

Garlic shrimp pasta

Source: Well Plated

I love the proportion of the pasta to other ingredients here, especially the shrimp. This garlic shrimp pasta is protein and loaded and guaranteed to leave you satiated.

Healthy vegetarian pasta recipes

Vegetarian dishes are likely to be loaded with a lot of vegetables:

Slow roast tomato spaghetti

Source: Olive Magazine

Ripe tomatoes, garlic, decent extra-virgin olive oil, fresh basil and a little black pepper is all you need to make a rich and fragrant spaghetti sauce.

Pasta with beans, olives, and feta cheese

Source: The Spruce Eats

This is a quick and easy vegetarian pasta recipe full of healthy fiber and protein and suitable for vegetarian kids.

I hope these healthy pasta dishes will save you time and calories! Feel free to pin or share.

Healthy pasta dishes
Quick And Easy Healthy Pasta Dishes - add them to your dinner ideas to save time