Great Easter Dessert Ideas

March 26, 2021

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Easter (or Pascha in my home) has become a big deal and a time of feasting. It's also time for me to experiment with new dishes and desserts, hence these Easter dessert ideas that I will be sharing with you. The purpose is inspirational, but I have done my best to scout the internet for these dessert recipes. It's easy to pull them up once you search them on Google, Bing, etc. In some instances - I have linked to another site for the recipe.

1. Pashka

Easter dessert ideas - pashka

Pashka (derived from Pascha -  the Eastern Orthodox term used for Easter), is a cheesecake-like dessert without the crust. It is traditionally made as a celebration of the Fasting season (Lent), and the beginning of  Easter. You'll find variations of the dessert online, but it is largely based on cream cheese, cheese, almonds, currants, etc.

I find the recipe over at CD Kitchen much simpler, and definitely with a yummy potential.

2. Easter egg cookies

Decorate and shape your cookies and turn them into Easter desserts

If you are a baker, you must already have your favorite cookie recipe. Give the same cookies and oval shape, and decorate them with an Easter theme, and you are good to go.  Betty Crocker (website) has an Easter cookie recipe that may give you something closer to the colorful cookies above.

Another recipe is over at Sally's Baking Addiction.

3. Easter egg nest

Shake things up this Easter and design your usual cupcakes into a an egg nest. If you need a step by step recipe, then you may find this a similar recipe at Southern Living. The small chocolate eggs are available at most grocery stores.

4.  Pudding in a glass

This is the easiest of all my Easter dessert ideas. Make a pudding of your choice, and decorate with bunny ear shaped cookies. I like the recipe from The Foodies Kitchen. Since you'll be dunking a part of these into the pudding, I don't think it's necessary to include the icing.

5. Decorated carrot cake

Adorn your carrot cake with carrot decorations to make it relevant for the Easter season. Find the recipe for the icing and the decorations here.

6. Kulich

Kulich is more of a bread than a dessert, but it is still yummy nonetheless. It originates among the Slavic people and is a hit during the Easter season. The twist on this particular recipe is the sour cream. I've always liked raisin bread and cakes - so this will be a "must-try" for me this coming Pascha.

I hope you find your inspiration from these Easter dessert ideas. Some of these could easily be contents for this year's Easter baskets. Pin/share/tweet to spread the inspiration of the Easter season.